Weekly Photo Challenge: Reflecting

I do like reflections in photography as they can add another dimension to a photograph or combine the visible with the otherwise invisible. Any reflective surface will do: a puddle, glass frontage of a building or a simple mirror.

p1220657bsrefractionEly ceiling


Weekly Photo Challenge: Magic

I took this picture near the ruins of Moreton Corbet Castle in Shropshire. Even though the backdrop is nothing special, the light filtering through the grasses and plants is just magical.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Curve

I like both of these images for very different reason.

In the first one you might wonder where the curve will lead you to and it just shouts “British” to me with the red double-decker bus and the, for me, typical London architecture.

P1160104 copy

Selfridges in Birmingham on the other hand presents a steep contrast to the very straight and pointed spire of the church with its smooth curves and rounded surface.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Pure

Snowdon Summit_Panorama small

A sunny November afternoon on top of Mount Snowdon, the highest peak in England and Wales. Even though there are other people around it feels calm and breathtaking. Like being on top of the world (but not quite as high).  Pure happiness.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Landscape

Wales offers some of the most stunning landscapes I have ever seen. Especially when the light is magical and it doesn’t rain for a change you can admire them in all their splendour. Best done from one of the many hill tops. This one was taken on the way up to Castle Dinas Bran, near Llangollen, looking down into the valley.