Illustrating the world in black and white – Part 3

Just a quick update for those of you who are interested in my illustrations, I’m trying to keep busy setting myself little projects.

I did manage to finish my “12 Drawings of Christmas” just in time and had a bit of a break over the holidays.

After getting a bit side tracked with this card for a 50th anniversary…

50…I finished this cutie. I think he has to be one of my favourites so far.

igel FBAs I like to do a bit of drawing and sketching in front of the TV in the evenings (my couch is just too comfy)…

…I have started a new project ‘Watching TV’. If I am about to start a new sketch I have to get my inspiration from what is on the telly. Might as well. This is an ongoing project but might come a bit to a standstill once the days are longer and warmer because I like to spend my evenings in the garden.

Apart from that, I am thinking about entering an exhibition but that depends on whether I get the drawings done on time and like them, too.

And here’s a question for you. Would you be interested if I started a separate blog for my illustrations, maybe also telling you how I go about things and where I get my inspiration from as well? I am aware of the fact that these illustrations are a far cry from my usual posts about my Welsh adventures and traveling.




Illustrating the world in black and white – Part 2

I had been asked in the past if I could post my illustrations on here as well, as not everybody uses Facebook or other social media sites. I’m still torn between a more realistic or simplified style, so I tend to jump back and forth between the two. Keeps it interesting as well.

deer 200dpi small

Out of the woods

mouse FB crop

Little One

raven 1000px


rose gray FB



Apart from my “usual” illustrations I am working on the little project “12 Drawings of Christmas” at the moment. Not sure whether it was a completely good idea though because now I HAVE  to do 12 drawings and life gets quite busy in the run up to Christmas. Never mind. These 12 drawings are mainly for colouring in or using in personal Christmas projects and I supply a high res jpeg and a card layout, gift tag etc via a link on my FB page. I will show you the final 12 after Christmas.

Sun is shining – well, not quite

While nearly everybody else in Europe is moaning about the summer heat, summer in Wales was on a Tuesday this year. Mild temperatures (I usually dance out of pure joy when the thermometer reaches 20C), lots of grey sky and numerous rain showers are our daily joy so far, with the occasional sun ray thrown in the mix just to keep us from complaining. I usually joke with my friends back home in summery Germany that our UK government had to make cuts and they started with getting rid of summer.

So while I’m waiting for the right weather to tick off all the places from my “to-visit-list” and tell you all about it, I have rediscovered my love for pens and fine liners and started drawing again. Those long summer nights have to be good for something.

Ellen Parzer bambi

If you’re interested you can see more on my Facebook page  or follow me on Instagram.

And don’t worry, as soon as the sun is out I’ll be rambling around the country again.

Funny stock images feat. Vince Vaughn and his co-stars

I’ve never been a big fan of this cheesy stock photography that unfortunately sometimes I have to use in my job. You know, those business people dressed in grey suits, staging ‘typical’ board meeting scenes.

But actually they can be hilarious as this co-operation between iStock by Getty Images and Twentieth Century Fox for the promotion of ‘Unfinished Business’ featuring Vince Vaughn shows.

More info and images:
Mako Creative Sharkbites: Funny stock images feat. Vince Vaughn and his co-stars.

‘Here I am’ – Fenwick of Bond St

When I exclaimed ‘Here I am’ as I arrived in London this weekend nobody cared.

When Jim Fenwick uttered the same words as he arrived on Bond Street in 1891 it marked the start of a new era of shopping for Londoners. Fenwick on Bond St was one of the first department stores outside of Paris. Specialising in tailoring for ladies, it soon gained a reputation as being an exciting place to visit and its windows had spectacular displays  enticing the glamorous ladies of London to enter this world of new ideas and styles.
IMG_2154To celebrate the department store’s 124 years of unexpected collaborations with artists there will be a year-long ‘Here I am’ campaign inspired by those famous first words. ROBU was invited to create the branding and window displays for the first campaign. Illustrated by Andrei Robu, the art installations are bold and bright and incorporate items of clothing in unusual ways.IMG_2156IMG_2161IMG_2159IMG_2163