This is me

Hi, my name is Ellen Parzer and I’m a graphic designer and illustrator with a passion for all things design related – and chocolate of course…

I was born and raised in Bonn, Germany, and moved to North Wales in 2006 where I work at Wrexham based a design agency.

Since moving here I’ve discovered a lot of new things: good, bad, funny, serious and sometimes even slightly weird. Besides that, I have a love for design in every shape, colour and medium; a cappella music and my guilty pleasure chocolate.

So be prepared, this is going to be a wild mixture of everything that crosses my path.

All is ‘tickety-boo’ 

tickety-boo |ˌtikitē ˈbo͞o|
adjective [ predic. ] Brit. informal, dated
in good order; fine: everything is tickety-boo.

I still get asked “What’s it like living in Wales? Do you still enjoy it? When are you coming back?” The answer is: good, yes and don’t know. So in case you are curious, I’ve put together some musings and stories about life in Wales and Britain in general. Things that happened to me when I first arrived, things I had to learn and things I will never get used to.

One more thing about copyright of any of my personal artwork or photographs:
Feel free to link to my blog, but please DO NOT steal my artwork, photographs or articles. They are my copyright, and I will not accept any form of commercial use without my permission. Please contact me via the comments boxes on the blog posts.


6 thoughts on “This is me

  1. Dear Ellen,

    My name is Eve Nicholson and I work for Natural Resources Wales (NRW). I manage the social media accounts for Wales Coast Path (WCP) and I’ve been reading your blog with interest.

    We have a January 2016 campaign to promote the WCP with the theme of family adventure walks. One of those walks takes in Bettisfield Colliery walk between Holywell to Flint. I’ve seen one your images that I’d like to use to accompany the content.

    It’s called “Bagilt Dock”, it has a waymarker post with Bettisfield and the WCP logo on it – which would be perfect. We are going to do a social media campaign and press releases to the press in Wales.

    NRW is a Welsh Government funded organisation and WCP is a not for profit entity.

    I would need the image in the next few days please as our campaign starts very soon.

    Let me know your thoughts
    Thanks and kind regards

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    • Dear Eve,
      thanks for your interest in my blog and using one of my images. I’d be more than delighted if you would use one of my images. I can send you a high res version of “Bagilt Dock” if you want. My email is xxx if you want to contact me via this I can email you the picture.
      Best Ellen


  2. Hi Ellen really like your design of Snowdon Railway as we live in view of Snowdon in Llanberis.
    How much do you sell the print for please as we’d be looking at an A3 size? We really like your other work too.

    Liked by 1 person

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