Illustrating the world in black and white – Part 3

Just a quick update for those of you who are interested in my illustrations, I’m trying to keep busy setting myself little projects.

I did manage to finish my “12 Drawings of Christmas” just in time and had a bit of a break over the holidays.

After getting a bit side tracked with this card for a 50th anniversary…

50…I finished this cutie. I think he has to be one of my favourites so far.

igel FBAs I like to do a bit of drawing and sketching in front of the TV in the evenings (my couch is just too comfy)…

…I have started a new project ‘Watching TV’. If I am about to start a new sketch I have to get my inspiration from what is on the telly. Might as well. This is an ongoing project but might come a bit to a standstill once the days are longer and warmer because I like to spend my evenings in the garden.

Apart from that, I am thinking about entering an exhibition but that depends on whether I get the drawings done on time and like them, too.

And here’s a question for you. Would you be interested if I started a separate blog for my illustrations, maybe also telling you how I go about things and where I get my inspiration from as well? I am aware of the fact that these illustrations are a far cry from my usual posts about my Welsh adventures and traveling.





6 thoughts on “Illustrating the world in black and white – Part 3

    • Thank you. I am seriously thinking about starting a separate blog but I fear that I might spread myself too thin and neglect both blogs in the long run. It’s a very good idea of including some of my Welsh adventures in my sketches, I will definitely try that. Thanks for the inspiration.

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