Mount Snowdon via Rhyd Ddu Path

Last time I walked up Mount Snowdon it was beautiful at Llanberis but the summit was hidden in the clouds and visibility close to zero, even though the weather forecast had predicted otherwise. So when another glorious day at the summit was predicted but I saw nothing but thick fog when looking out of my bedroom window, I was naturally a bit suspicious. Turned out to be the most wonderful day.

Llyn Gwynant

Just had to stop on my way to take a picture of Llyn Gwynant, it was just too beautiful.

I wanted to try a new route this time and chose the Rhyd Ddu Path. Even though it is a bit more challenging the prospect of less people and a new striking mountain scenery was enough to tempt me. Just let me say, I found my new favourite route.

Start Panorama

If you know what to look for, the whole way is laid out before you.

Llyn y Gadair & Llyn Cwellyn

The view back from a bit further up. I think on the left you can see Llyn y Gadair and on the right Llyn Cwellyn

The path starts of quite gentle along an old quarry track but gets considerably steeper when leaving the track and climbing up to the Llechog ridge.

view Bwlch Main

The path then follows the ridge (from right to left) and across the saddle to the summit. You can just make out the summit station, the darker dot on the highest point.

summit cafe

The summit and station zoomed in. It was really busy considering it was out of season, which meant no railway up the mountain and no refreshments either.

The path then follows the ridge and along Bwlch Main which has to be my favourite part of the path. The path along the saddle doesn’t necessarily make your heart beat faster but definitely makes you pay attention where you put your feet. The view down the steep slopes is amazing.

Bwlch Main panorama

Some spectacular views along the way.

Bwlch Main path

My favourite part of the path.

Bwlch Main path2

It looks quite dramatic.

The final climb to the summit is steep again and it was at this point where I thought I almost had enough and wanted a break. It’s not that long but my legs were tired.

Compared to my last visit the views from the summit were breathtaking this time. There wasn’t any breeze nor clouds at all just glorious sunshine. I’ve been up there several times now but it was never that beautiful, especially considering the fact it was November already. Felt more like a late summer’s day.

summit seagull

At the summit the seagulls are never far, looking for some food.

snowdon summit

You can’t get any higher in Wales or England

Snowdon Summit_Panorama4

Panorama at the top – you actually have to turn around somewhat to see all this.

misty mountains

The light was interesting.

Unfortunately, because of it getting dark so early now, I couldn’t linger too long and had to start my descent soon as I wanted to reach my car before it was pitch black. I just about made it.

sunset hills

The setting sun bathed the hills and mountains in a warm golden-red light. They almost seemed to be on fire.

sunset flare

The grass looked almost golden.


Better hurry now.

sunset hdr

It never looks as beautiful in a photograph than it actually was.

rhyd ddu

Looking back. Certainly will walk this route again.


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