Afternoon stroll with panoramic views

October has been quite kind so far with some glorious sunshine. So what better way than to spend an afternoon outside, go for a stroll and enjoy a nice panorama.

I started at the Pontcysyllte Aqueduct and made my way towards Llangollen. But instead of walking along the canal, I decided to walk through Trevor Hall Wood and use the Panorama Walk giving you some pretty good views across the valley and Dinas Bran. I had done this already a couple of years ago but as part of a circular walk from Rhos via World’s End.

But enough talk, let’s walk.

trevor wood 1

Trevor Hall Wood. Unfortunately you don’t get to see the hall at all.

trevor wood 2

Feels like going on an adventure trail.

panorama 33-34 small

After ‘climbing’ the hill you’re rewarded with the first panorama. You can clearly see the River Dee; to the right of it, lined by trees, is the disused railway line, followed by the road and on the top of single the hill on the right you can see the ruins of Dinas Bran.

dinas bran 1

Dinas Bran, a bit closer.

quarry 2

The area was heavily quarried in the past.

dinas bran 2

‘Snack break’, before turning back. Not many people come up here (they stay on the road below) apart from climbers.

quarry 1

Looking back across the quarry.

dinas bran 3

Dinas Bran. I thin in the distance you can see part of the Berwyn Range.

panorama 74-76 small

Last time, I promise.

quarry 3

Man made, but nature is claiming back slowly.


Nice view towards the aqueduct and the more modern viaduct.


Autumn colours


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