Sun is shining – well, not quite

While nearly everybody else in Europe is moaning about the summer heat, summer in Wales was on a Tuesday this year. Mild temperatures (I usually dance out of pure joy when the thermometer reaches 20C), lots of grey sky and numerous rain showers are our daily joy so far, with the occasional sun ray thrown in the mix just to keep us from complaining. I usually joke with my friends back home in summery Germany that our UK government had to make cuts and they started with getting rid of summer.

So while I’m waiting for the right weather to tick off all the places from my “to-visit-list” and tell you all about it, I have rediscovered my love for pens and fine liners and started drawing again. Those long summer nights have to be good for something.

Ellen Parzer bambi

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And don’t worry, as soon as the sun is out I’ll be rambling around the country again.


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