Three Queens in Liverpool

Celebrating the 175th anniversary of Cunard Line the three queens, Queen Mary 2, Queen Elizabeth and Queen Victoria made their way to Liverpool for the first ever three Queens meeting on the River Mersey. I had been warned that many spectators were expected but wasn’t quite prepared for this. Getting to Liverpool by public transport felt like using the London underground during rush hour whilst there’s a strike. And once I joined the crowds at the waterfront, I was acutely aware that I was about a foot too short (or at least a couple of inches), that the memorial/statue with people on its walls was definitely obscuring my view, that the loudspeakers weren’t working and just another obstacle in my view and that the crowds were moving in closer and closer. I loved every second of it. Sometimes I miss living in a big city. It was quite a spectacle though with live music, live commentary (we unfortunately couldn’t understand because of said loudspeakers), gun salutes and even a bit of sunshine. I do apologize for some pictures in advance. In order to take them and see anything at all I had to stand on my tiptoes and stretch as high as I could. I couldn’t actually see what I was photographing. So if there are any eye-watering hairdos or people picking their noses, I am sorry. I got a better view towards the end when people were already leaving.

queen victoria arrives

Queen Victoria (I think) was the second ship in the procession which was lead by Queen Elizabeth.

queen mary 2 arrives

Queen Mary 2 arrives again. She had spent the previous night in Liverpool and had sailed to the mouth of the river to greet the other Queens.


The crowds. The building in the middle is the Cunard building.

queen mary 2 name

Meet Queen Mary 2. I wasn’t that far back, just too short.

water ballet

A bit of water ballet. The ships were turning around – synchronised. Quite impressive considering their size.

red arrows

Red Arrows fly-past. Only thing I heard was “Here they come?” “Where?” “There. Straight ahead.” I was lucky I caught them on camera as I couldn’t actually see them at that point.

queen elizabeth

Meet Queen Elizabeth

queen mary 2

Queen Mary 2 leaving Liverpool

queen mary elizabeth

Queen Elizabeth on her way to the Cruise Liner terminal. On the right you can still see Queen Mary 2.

queen victoria mersey

Queen Victoria anchors in the river. She will leave Liverpool tomorrow.

queen elizabeth dock

Queen Elizabeth tied up at the berth.

queen elizabeth princess dock

Queen Elizabeth and the derelict wharfage offshore from Princes Dock.


4 thoughts on “Three Queens in Liverpool

  1. Having been at Llandudno for the Air Show I made the decision not to go to Liverpool. I jus knew the traffic would be terrible. I know I missed a good photo op and I’ll never get the chance to see the likes again…but you make a choice and have to live with it

    Liked by 1 person

    • Completely understand. That’s why I didn’t go to Llandudno, I knew I couldn’t cope with two crowds in one weekend and I really wanted to see the cruise liners. And I love Liverpool…


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