All is ‘tickety-boo’ – Suicidal Birds


What a beautiful day today, really enjoying myself. Had a bit of a lazy one, to be honest, doing nothing in particular. And now it’s almost time for dinner. Could invite some friends over, it’s always nice to have some company. Or at least we meet up afterwards. Yup, sounds like a good idea to me.

I could go for a walk before dinner though. You know, work up an appetite and stretch my legs a bit. That meadow across the road looks like it’s calling my name; lush greens, shadowing trees and not a soul in sight. Yes, I think I’m going to do that. Just wished there wasn’t that much traffic today. This road is really annoying but there’s nothing I can do about that. Never mind.

Half way there already, been lucky there was a bit of a gap in the traffic flow.
Oh no, there’s a car coming. And it’s fast, too. Well, I’m sure I’m going to be alright.
Oh oh, it’s quite close now actually.
Oh oh, it’s really fast.
Oh oh, what am I going to do? Stop? Go back?
Oh oh.
OH OH, better hurry up.
Dear me, that was close.

Sometimes I wonder if this is what’s going through a pheasant’s mind. They seem to be blissfully unaware of the dangers of traffic, step out onto the road in front of your car in no particular hurry and then just speed up in the very last possible minute to make it to the other side safely. If they’re lucky. And you.

They don’t necessarily seem to be the brightest birds on the planet. Although I have to say the male pheasants do look pretty (perhaps another case of ‘much ado about nothing’). And I’m not just referring to their attitude towards traffic. I was walking in some woods near Lake Vyrnwy not too long ago and crossed the path of two (male) pheasants. For a while they ran alongside me, almost surprised that I kept going in the same direction as they were. I mean, I was on a footpath, so where was I supposed to go? I couldn’t just disappear into thin air. They tried to run across to the other side several times but almost ran into my feet. They didn’t stop or run away, they just kept up with me and when I slowed down, they did too. I started to feel a bit sorry for them as they were visibly distraught, so I stopped and rummaged in my backpack which finally gave them enough time to walk across to the other side of the footpath and disappear in between the trees.

Life could be so much easier for them (and sometimes longer) if they were just a bit more alert and clever. The same goes for female pheasants as well, by the way. So if you see me in my car talking to a bird that can’t hear or understand me, urging him to hurry up, while frantically looking in my rear mirror whether there are cars behind me or if I can hit the breaks and steer around it, you now know why. I’m just trying to save a life.


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