Moreton Corbet Castle – A medieval stronghold and Elizabethan house

500 years of building history come together at the site of Moreton Corbet Castle in Shropshire. Around 1100 the Torets, a family of Saxon descent built the first castle here which passed by marriage into the Corbet family, who gave their name to the village and still own the castle today (although it’s managed by English Heritage now).

Moreton Corbet Castle2

When you approach the ruins today, the distinction between the medieval castle ruins and the remains of the later Elizabethan house is more than obvious.

Whereas the first castle buildings were built of timber, from 1200 on they were gradually replaced in stone. Many alterations were made until in the late 16th century Robert Corbet decided to build a new mansion, continued by his brothers after his death.

Moreton Corbet Castle8

16th century gatehouse, the entrance to the medieval building, with the remains of the great tower or keep on the right.

Moreton Corbet Castle3

Sir Andrew Corbet’s monogram above the date 1579 and the family crest

Moreton Corbet Castle4

Inner courtyard with the gatehouse

Moreton Corbet Castle5

Front of the later Elizabethan house

Moreton Corbet Castle12

Another monogram, probably Robert Corbet, on the Elizabethan mansion

Moreton Corbet Castle11

It’s amazing how much detail survived all those centuries

Moreton Corbet Castle13

Chimera on the west corner

Moreton Corbet Castle10

West front bathed in the evening sun. In the background are the ruins of the medieval castle’s former great hall. The fireplaces and doors to the latrines are clearly visible.

Moreton Corbet Castle7

View from the Tudor great hall towards the Elizabethan house

Moreton Corbet Castle6

East front and an overview of the whole size of the Elizabethan manor


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