‘Here I am’ – Fenwick of Bond St

When I exclaimed ‘Here I am’ as I arrived in London this weekend nobody cared.

When Jim Fenwick uttered the same words as he arrived on Bond Street in 1891 it marked the start of a new era of shopping for Londoners. Fenwick on Bond St was one of the first department stores outside of Paris. Specialising in tailoring for ladies, it soon gained a reputation as being an exciting place to visit and its windows had spectacular displays  enticing the glamorous ladies of London to enter this world of new ideas and styles.
IMG_2154To celebrate the department store’s 124 years of unexpected collaborations with artists there will be a year-long ‘Here I am’ campaign inspired by those famous first words. ROBU was invited to create the branding and window displays for the first campaign. Illustrated by Andrei Robu, the art installations are bold and bright and incorporate items of clothing in unusual ways.IMG_2156IMG_2161IMG_2159IMG_2163


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