All is ‘tickety-boo’ – Raindrops keep falling


Quite frankly the weather is a bit of a pain. It does rain. A lot. All year round. What I miss most are those warm summer months I know from home. Wearing summer dresses and sandals at a chilling 18C in August, sporting goosebumps, just doesn’t cut it for me.

Most years we simply don’t have a summer at all. A wet, grey and windy spring merges into an even wetter, greyer and windier autumn, the only difference being the foliage on the trees and the duration of the grey of the day and the dark of the night. The world just looks dull and drained of colour.

But then, sometimes, you get these glimpses of colour, when the bright and shiny disc of the sun breaks through the clouds. The land is dazzling with light and colour, rolling hills of luscious green dotted with white sheep, the sky a deep blue and the sea glittering in the sun. These days happen too. Usually Monday-Friday 9am-5pm, except Bank Holiday Mondays and School Holidays.


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