Weekly Photo Challenge: Relic

Generally I love living in Wales but this week’s photo challenge reminded me of a not so nice experience. It’s going to take some time to explain so bear with me.

When I had moved here I basically packed everything I couldn’t live without into my beloved 1990s BMW and drove over here. It’s really quite interesting driving a left hand drive in this country. I just say toll stations or car parks and having to run embarrassed around my car to pay or insert my ticket.
Anyway, I moved into a nice terraced house unfortunately without off road parking or even parking in front of the house. But I didn’t mind having to walk a couple of meters.

So one Wednesday evening in February 2007 I parked my car in a close by car park after work. It started snowing over night and come morning it looked like a winter wonderland. And wonder I did, as there was no car to be seen in the whole parking lot. Not a single one. Needless to say that some kids probably wanted to test drive a left hand drive BMW. Must have gotten pretty cold too because they set it on fire. My car, or what was left of it, was found weeks later. Not a pretty sight. I was devastated.

However, a couple of days after my car’s disappearance the snow started to melt and there it was. The “Wackel Elvis” (Wobbly Elvis) I had on my dashboard. Must have been too tacky for them. I’ve still got it and it’s my personal relic reminding me of that.



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