On dry land – The Duke of Lancaster

The TSS Duke of Lancaster is a railway steamer passenger ship and operated once as a passenger ferry and cruise ship before being converted into a car ferry. Launched in 1956 by Harland and Wolff, who built the Titanic and HMS Belfast, she was one of the finest vessels afloat at the time with luxurious first class quarters, silver service restaurants and state rooms. In August 1979 the Duke of Lancaster was beached at Lanerch-Y-Mor in North Wales and renamed The Fun Ship, turning it into a floating leisure and retail complex. Unfortunately it could never reach its full potential and closed in the mid-Eighties. Sometimes these things can happen when politics gets involved.

Since 2012 the ship has been converted into a large open air graffiti art gallery with artists from the UK, Russia, Latvia and Hungary taking part in the project. They named themselves the DuDug collective – a play on the Welsh for ‘black duke’.


2 thoughts on “On dry land – The Duke of Lancaster

    • Your welcome, I always like something a bit quirky and to show off my adopted home Wales. I met a family there and the grandfather told his grandson about the better days of the ship. It’s nice to know that its history won’t be forgotten.


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