Bring back the colour

Personally, I can’t wait for spring. I just miss the colours of nature during winter time. Everything seems to be cheerier when the sun is out, the flowers are blooming and the trees actually have green leaves. But in the meantime there are other ways of adding some colour to your surroundings.

knitted bike

Art can help to get a splash of colour on your street like these bikes in a pedestrian zone in Hannoversch Muenden, Germany

plant pots in Rhodes Old Town

Or colourful plant pots – and lots of them. Seen this in the Old Town of Rhodes.

If you’ve got a bit more money to spend or even want to advertise, a mural can be the way to go. They definitely make a statement.

murals (fassadenmalerei) Bonn, Germany

Bonn, Germany, near Victoria Bridge. Had to take this out of a moving car.

mural (fassadenmalerei) Immenburg in Bonn

This colourful mural is on the side of a building in Bonn, Germany, that everybody knows about but that you won’t find in any travel guides…


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