Early Valentine!

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner but I have to admit, I don’t do Valentine’s Day. Why? I guess for several reasons.

First of all, when I grew up in Germany, Valentine’s Day (or Valentinstag) was heard of but nobody really celebrated it. It was more associated with the US and being a big thing there (we all watch movies). It’s getting more popular now but still not to the extend as in the UK or US.

And second, well, isn’t it nicer to get, let’s say, a bunch of flowers or some chocolate at any time of the year when you least expect it? Doesn’t this show that you’re really loved and appreciated? Personally, I prefer it that way without the (commercial) hype being created about that specific date. Don’t get me wrong, I am a romantic and I do like presents. Maybe it’s just the fact that I didn’t grow up with this tradition…

I do like to get a card though (I love cards for any occasion). Do you have yours yet? Well, here’s some inspiration.


If you like it please share. Or you can get it as a proper card here.


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