Teutons vs Brits

If I feel a little bit homesick in the run up to Christmas I am quite lucky as I have a couple of German Christmas markets to choose from to get my ‘German fix’. There are various German Christmas markets around the country and the Birmingham Frankfurt Christmas Market with around 3 million visitors is even the biggest German Christmas market outside of the germanspeaking countries.

But in the last couple of weeks I have read articles in British and German newspapers that some Brits fear that ‘Teutonic’ Christmas traditions will supersede some British ones. Even the German Christmasstollen is starting to replace a British national treasure – the mince pie. And it doesn’t stop there. Magazine “Which?” tested 12 mince pies recently and to everybody’s surprise the mince pies by Fortnum & Mason (supplier to the Queen) ended up in last place with two discount supermarkets winning first and second. This wouln’t have been too bad weren’t those the German discount supermarkets Aldi (first place) and Lidl (second). Who would have thought….


It’s not very big but has all the essentials, even Marmite. You can find the shop at Friedensplatz in Bonn.

But to ease your mind I would like to report that British Christmas traditions are coming over to Germany as well, in particular to a small shop in Bonn. I spotted it this weekend and you can get everything you want for a traditional British Christmas: Christmas crackers, Christmas pudding and mince pies…


The shop seems to be quite popular. And the mince pies are delicious.

Frohe Weihnachten & Merry Christmas everyone.


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