World War II Ruins – ROF Wrexham

On my way home from my “foto safari” in Wrexham I made a little detour via the Wrexham Industrial Estate. I had read online about some ruins of the WWII munitions factory and wanted to have a look for myself.

The Wrexham Industrial Estate had its origins as a Royal Ordnance Factory (ROF) during World War II and employed up to 13,000 workers at the time. The factory made cordite, an explosive propellent for shells. After the war, the need for cordite ceased, and in 1945 the production facilities closed. (via wikipedia)

It is a bit eerie and unfortunately I was running short on time and battery and not quite prepared for all the mud and puddles but here’s a first glimpse. I thought they work better in black and white.


Nature is claiming back the ruins


The buildings are just shells now but the main structures remain


Not sure what the structures in the front were used for. On the right is the entrance into a tunnel


The tunnel, looking back to the entrance


At the end was quite a big rectangular ditch and another tunnel on one side. This is the view from the other tunnel,


Towering above the grounds


Almost menacing. Reminds me a bit of a submarine actually, not sure why…


Another building




The sun almost put a spotlight on a can of baked beans that was left there

I will have to come back another day, probably after a dry spell, and have a closer look around. There seems to be much more to discover.


4 thoughts on “World War II Ruins – ROF Wrexham

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    • Hi Matt,
      I haven’t been there for a while but I would just give it a go. It gets really muddy when it has rained, that’s why I haven’t been to all the buildings yet. You can spot most of the ruins on google maps if you zoom in quite a bit.
      Good luck with your photoshoot!
      Best Ellen


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