Batman in Wrexham


Definitely more sophisticated than the original searchlight projecting a Bat emblem on the sky

Who ever said it was boring in Wrexham and when you want to see some great marketing ideas and campaigns you have to look to the bigger cities? Well, at least I was proven wrong. Spending a lovely day at the National Eisteddfod (more about this later) I started to wonder what this buzz on twitter #thebatwrexham was all about. And as I am “curious by nature” I waited patiently till 9pm to find out.


It looks quite dramatic

Batman ‘lives’ in Wrexham now. And no, it’s not that Wrexham is turning into Gotham City. It is actually a social media campaign by Fotofire Limited to help promote the sale of a Penthouse apartment in Tuttle Street Brewery in Wrexham’s town centre using the power of viral social media. And it certainly got my attention.


The sculpture was carved by Wrexham based artist Simon O’Rourke

You can find out more about the whole project here including a timelapse video showing the evolution of Batman from a tree trunk to a fantastic sculpture. And if you’re out and about in Wrexham, see if you can spot him. According to the webiste Batman can be viewed from Tuttle Street while looking up at St Giles Church. I’ll see if I can spot it tomorrow.

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Update 11th August:
Just been into town and had a look at Wrexham’s own caped crusader. Looks stunning by daylight too.


Watching out over Wrexham


Looking good


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