Retro style posters of North Wales

I’ve been looking for some nice pictures or posters for my office/dining room lately and was hoping to find some pieces showing places in Wales. It turned out to be quite difficult to find something I really like and that goes well with my overall decoration. So I figured I had to do it myself and use the opportunity to show you some of the lovely and unique spots around here.
It’s going to be a series of posters and I’m not finished yet but I will keep you updated. Let me know what you think.

Retro poster Talacre, Wales

Talacre is a nice beach and village in Flintshire on the north coast of Wales.

Retro poster Mount Snowdon, Wales

Mount Snowdon is the highest peak in England and Wales. If you don’t want to walk to the top you can “climb” it by using the narrow gauge Snowdon Mountain Railway


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