Eurovision Song Contest – my guilty pleasure

It’s time again for me to gather in front of my TV and watch how Europe embarrasses itself. I usually am on the phone to my friends in Germany so we can (sort of) watch it together. We will laugh our heads off when we see the costumes (usually Russia doesn’t disappoint, sorry), wonder how many layers of clothing you can take off in a choreographed way whilst performing a three minute song and still keep it family entertainment, cringe at wrong sung notes and compare the commentator’s judgement.

Back in Germany me and my friends would meet up, decorate the place with flags and other things from the hosting country and eat some of their traditional foods. So this year I will be sitting on my sofa by a popular Swedish designer (IKEA), drink tea out of a mug that was a gift from Sweden and probably eat some Swedish meatballs or gravlax.

As I’ve been watching it for as long as I can remember I started to wonder about some facts/trivia behind it. So here’s a little infographic with some of them.


I did this for Mako Creative Sharkbites where you can find out more about the Eurovision Song Contest. For example why Azerbaijan “is part if Europe”…


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