Looking upwards

One of my guilty pleasures despite chocolate is visiting historic buildings. I’ve always been a fan of architecture and am always amazed with what little technological help people in the past were able to build the most astonishing buildings. Living in Wales close to the English border (and being a member of the National Trust) I visit my fair share of castles, estates, mansions and cathedrals each year.

So I’m one if these ‘tourists’ that wander around the grand houses and gardens with a camera in their hand, stopping every so often trying to capture the unique features of these places. But I find that one feature is overlooked quite often and undeservingly so.

The ceilings.

Maybe it’s because I’m quite short and used to looking up but every time I enter a building my first look goes upwards. Whether it is a dome or flat, with paintings or ornaments, golden, coloured or just the natural surface of the used material, they are artworks in their own right and a display of superb craftsmanship.

Here is a small selection so judge for yourself.


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